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A.D. Greer "Aster/Oriental"The ‘information highway’ affords us the opportunity to display our unique acquisitions over the last 25 years of Fine European Art and Artist, as well as, renowned U.S., Southwestern, and Texas Artists.

After, over 20 years of showing Fine Art in our beloved gallery at Wimberley, Texas, we made the hard decision to close our doors to bring our elderly mothers collection of fine art back to Houston. With an extensive collection of art still in our inventory, we have not stopped our mission of selling some of the most beautiful art work available. Between private showings and consignment locations we continue on our mission. We hope you enjoy our updated website as we are excited to show you hundreds of quality paintings that we were unable to display in The Art Gallery at Wimberley. We pray this website will show you the variety of our art and depth of our Artists.George Kovach "Spring Sonnet"

Keep in mind as you browse our pages, the value of 'good' art has always been a hedge in every economic climate because it transcends the dollar spent today, as it has been appreciated by many who experience it.

You’ll know this to be true as you view pieces from the life’s work of artists like A. D. Greer, Heinz Stoecker, and Tibor Tasnadi, or as you experience preeminent artist like Cal Gaspard, George Kovach, Manuel Garza and Sally Minter.

We trust you will enjoy the experience of a talented artist’s eye – interpretation -- or technique…

Below is just a sampling of a few Artist's work. Scroll left or right or click on a piece of art to go to that Artist's Gallery.

Manuel Garza "Bluebonnet" Tom Darrah "Still Life / Winter" Manuel Garza "Hill Country Bluebonnets" Artist Galleries Byron Fullerton "Canyon Near Moab Utah" Byron Fullerton "Texas Landscape" Artist Galleries Manuel Garza "Snow Deer" Manuel Garza "Longhorns in Wildflowers" Manuel Garza "Hawaiian Beach" Manuel Garza "Snow Turkeys" Artist Galleries A. D. Greer "Mountain with Waterfall" A. D. Greer "Aster/Oriental" Artist Galleries Giordano Giovanetti "Spanish Girl" Giordano Giovanetti "Clowns" Artist Galleries Cal Gaspard "A Touch of Texas" Cal Gaspard "Texas Wildflowers" Artist Galleries George Kovach "Homeward Trails" George Kovach "Spring Promenade" George Kovach "Better Days Ahead" George Kovach "Spring Festival" Artist Galleries Sally Minter "Springtime Magic" Sally Minter "Sunset" Artist Galleries A. Kelly Pruitt "Deer at Waterhole" A. Kelly Pruitt "Wagon Trail" Artist Galleries Heinz Stoecker "Barn & Windmill" Heinz Stoecker "Taos Pueblos" Heinz Stoecker "Moonlight Riders" Artist Galleries Tibor Tasnadi "The Pet Pigeons" Tibor Tasnadi "Flower Vendor" Tibor Tasnadi "Paris A LA Hiver" Artist Galleries

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