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Byron Fullerton

Byron Fullerton is best known for his tenure as Associate Dean of the University of Texas Law School and as Dean of the Texas Tech University School of Law. He is now pursuing his career in art full-time.  

Studying and painting with some of Taos finest artists and participating in workshops conducted by members of the Cowboy Artists of America have been his inspiration. His enjoyment of painting is felt in the soft colors he uses to convey the beauty of the Southwest. Many collections throughout the country include his works in oils and watercolors.  

Byron Fullerton is represented in galleries in Texas, New Mexico and Colorado.  He retired from Texas Tech in 1985, and resolved to expand his hobby as a "weekend painter" into a full-time diversion and source of discipline. 

Byron and his wife Marilyn spent most of 1986 - 1989 in Taos, New Mexico, where he painted with many of the area's top impressionists. "Their willingness to share their knowledge and time to help me were invaluable to my growth as an artist," he says. His paintings can now be found in collections throughout the United States and even in Australia. He maintains his home and studio in Austin, Texas.

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