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Heinz Stoecker

Heinz Stoecker was born in Nuremburg, Germany in the middle of WWII. Early in his childhood in post-war Germany, it became apparent that he possessed exceptional artistic talents. 

As a child, Heinz had the good fortune to live in the same neighborhood where the great master Albrecht Durer, the patron saint of the German art world, lived and kept his studio. The powerful influence of Mr. Durer and several other German masters set the tone for a rigorous course of study and training. In the 1970's, Heinz came to the United States where he completed his formal art studies at the University of Texas. 

Through his mastery of the canvas and paintbrush, Heinz shares with us his appreciation for the beautiful landscapes and scenery of the southwestern United States.  His attention to perfect detail balance, and color has earned him broad recognition in the art community as a "photographic realist."  Heinz enjoyed traveling the southwest photographing and sketching scenes for future paintings. One of his greatest joys from traveling was meeting people and sharing his experiences. 

After traveling throughout the United States and Mexico searching for the ideal place to make his home, Heinz discovered the well-established art community of Taos, New Mexico. Considered an "artist's artist" among his peers, Heinz's studio was a frequent gathering place for many fine artists. 

Heinz was also an accomplished instructor whose seminars in person and on television have motivated many aspiring students to start careers as professional artists.  

Heinz Steocker's paintings have been shown in exhibitions throughout the United States and are currently in the homes and offices of fine art collectors around the world. 

Towards the latter part of his life Heinz Stoecker lived in Houston, Texas. He passed away on February 12, 2001. 

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